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The terpenes in each formulation vary, but the top terpenes include:

• Limonene
• Pinene
• Linalool
• D-3-Carene
• B-Caryophyllene
• Guaiol
• Myrcene
• Terpinolene
• Geraniol

The terpenes are thoughtfully chosen to achieve specific therapeutic outcomes. The percentages of each terpene in each formulation will vary depending on what is hoped to be achieved.

Yes, the ratios will vary greatly depending on what therapeutic outcome we are looking to achieve.

We recommend starting low and increasing the dose slowly with time. A recommended starting dose is 0.5ml (half a dropper). Depending on the product, it can be used multiple times a day, if needed. Always give 1-2 weeks to determine if the dose is working or if it needs to be increased.

Absolutely. The blends have been scientifically developed to achieve a therapeutic response with the use of terpenes and other natural health products. For example, TerpWell Sleep has a unique blend of sedative terpenes, as well as Valerian root, and the addition of MCT oil for long lasting results. We took an outcome specific approach, starting with the area of health that we wanted to make better, and working backwards to achieve the best result possible.

TerpWell products are named according to their therapeutic outcome.

• TerpWell Sleep - Sleep
• TerpWell Calm - Anxiety, relaxation
• TerpWell Clarity - Focus
• TerpWell Elevate - Energy, increased mood
• TerpWell VItality - Anti-Inflammatory, everyday wellness
• TerpWell Resilience - Vitamin D for immune strength

TerpWell products are manufactured according to GMP protocol.

Terpwell products are Health Canada-approved Natural Health Products, NPN certified, or incoming products are pending-certification.

We suggest a “start low, go slow” approach to determine the ideal dose for your terpene requirements. That being said, you cannot overdose on terpenes.

If needed, you may mix with a tea or juice though these products are best absorbed sublingually by putting them directly under the tongue. If you do not like the taste of the product, we recommend drinking a palate cleanser afterwards rather than mixing.

It is recommended that you use these terpene products sublingually for best results.