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The Importance of Terpenes

  • 3 min read

Terpenes are important chemicals floating around our environment, and that are used in all sorts of everyday applications. Terpenes are also bioactive - meaning they have an effect on living tissue - and can have various effects on the body. Natural, active compounds run the gamut from the refreshment of eucalyptus to the invigoration of caffeine - bioactive doesn’t only cover treatment of disease or ailments.

As we learn more about the ways we can safely use terpenes, we can incorporate this new research to support our day-to-day habits and health. Terpenes are employed by both plants and animals naturally - these biological wonders may hold untapped potential for human use. And here at TerpWell, we’re unpacking the science and developing products with that in mind. 

Terpenes and medical research

According to Medical News Today, terpenes may offer health benefits to the human body. Dr. Andrea Holmes, a Professor of Chemistry at Doane University, states that history shows that even today, most chemically synthesized and clinically approved drugs were inspired by naturally-occurring bioactive compounds, such as terpenes. However, the natural status of terpenes prevents them from being patented by large pharmaceutical companies, making more traditional and natural health products less likely to be researched for health and wellness benefits. 

The recent legalization of cannabis in many jurisdictions has opened new investigations into plant chemistry. While THC and CBD are the main players in bioactive cannabis compounds, there are dozens of terpenes produced by the plant. These chemical partners are being explored for their ability to contribute to cannabis as medicine, and for their own powers when used alone. That being said, terpenes exist in all kinds of plants and many kinds of products, with and without cannabis, include terpenes. TerpWell’s terpene blends are scientifically developed to help support wellness goals. 

How do terpenes work in the body?

Terpenes bind to receptors located throughout our bodies and brains. Depending on which receptors they react with, those terpenes can evoke different effects. Some effects include reducing stress and inflammation, inducing sleep, elevating mood, and increasing energy.

This is not a trick of nature: plants and animals have evolved to use terpenes as the very basic building blocks of life. Squalene is a terpene that is present in very high levels in the liver of sharks that also is one of the ‘ingredients’ for many hormones made by the human body.

According to this research article about terpenes and terpenoids in cannabis, many terpenes/terpenoids provide a therapeutic power/effect in their mixtures with or without phytocannabinoids. A study in Chemico-Biological Interactions reports that many terpenes have demonstrated beneficial effects on the body. This research spans many different types of terpenes. 

How to use TerpWell Oils?

TerpWell formulations are terpenes in their purest forms - with none of the intoxication that comes with cannabis consumption. They are safe and can be effective for many individuals who seek to improve their health and wellness.

The story of TerpWell began with two women who wanted to share the benefits of terpenes that they had experienced for themselves, with a wider group. As cannabis non-users, remaining allies, they explored the power of pure terpenes and terpenes blended together in formulations scientifically designed to support wellness routines and regimes.

While science is uncovering the hidden benefits of terpenes, we continue to explore how these safe formulations impact our daily lives. TerpWell shares these compounds as tools for your personal health & wellness journey, and we look forward to hearing your stories of betterment and growth.