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Terpenes are important chemicals floating around our environment, and that are used in all sorts of everyday applications. Terpenes are also bioactive - meaning they have an effect on living tissue - and can have various effects on the body. Natural, active compounds run the gamut from the refreshment of eucalyptus to the invigoration of caffeine - bioactive doesn’t only cover treatment of disease or ailments.
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Terpenes are not exactly essential oils, but they are the reason that essential oils have their strong, unmistakable scents. Studies suggest that these oils can help with sleep or boost energy levels, among other various health benefits. Essential oils are basically mixtures of various terpenes and other natural compounds, and unfortunately for consumers, the purity can vary considerably.
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Did you know that terpenes are used in a number of everyday applications? From that lemon-scented cleaning spray to the touch of lavender in your perfume, terpenes are already in a lot of products we use on a daily basis. Most recently, terpenes have received some attention for their existence in the cannabis sativa plant, but the truth is that terpenes exist in many different plants. TerpWell uses the extracts of various terpenes in our blends. 
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Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018, terpenes have become a relatively well-known term. Terpenes can be found in plants such as cannabis, herbs like lavender, fruits like citrus, and other plants such as hops. 
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